What if games had real power

Do you ever fantasise about travelling? Just packing your bags Right Now and going to a place that’s warm and colourful and full of adventure? Or maybe you crave snow and white and seeking the sky in a thousand simmering, mesmerising colours? Perhaps, instead, you want to see the wonders man has made, in far away lands, intricate designs that have been worked on for decades?

I dream that often.

I think that’s freedom.

Heart. Papers. Border.

But we have built so many handcuffs in our modern life. And we find such safety and comfort in our gilded cages.

So we escape through games. We fantasise: what if? What if I was powerful and brave and unstoppable? What if I was ruthless and beautiful and rebellious? What if I had powers beyond any imagination, what if I could fly, what if I could turn my boss into stone or listen to my lovers thoughts? What if? What if? What if? Perhaps the more surreal the fantasy, the easier it is for us to forgetĀ our cages. So I understand our tendency to make superficial games.

But what if we really have a say regarding the real world we live in? Whomever thought one such as Trump could win? Yet he did, because people have power. He did, perhaps because we stopped believing in ours.

Games tell stories. Games let us dream. Why not allowing them to help us, for real? I’m not against superficial games, I’m just pro exploring deeper ones.

And that’s just what I am doing with Heart. Papers. Border.

What if you could pick up your bag, see everything there is to see in a whole wide world, and through your travels, fundamentally change everything.


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