Some thoughts on love and partnership

Be spontaneous. If you get a good idea to do something, just do it

Be fit. Really work on how you look

Be active. Nature and movement brings positivity

Dress well, carefully and stylish. Just stay pretty

Have no secrets

Talk about your deepest feelings, passions

Share some important interests (ie career, no necessarily)

Stay true to your own self, even if it is in disagreement with your partner

Help each other stay true to self, even if it hurts

Make a constant and active effort to know yourself. Lots of introspection

Stay curious of one another

Learn from one another constantly

Try new shit. Find a good balance.

Always pull the other with you, no matter how high, no matter what it takes.

Always stay together. Fight for togetherness from all perspectives

Be best friends. Sometimes, just that

Be curious about the life outside the couple.

Meet new people.

Be kind.

Rekindle passion. Inwardly and outwardly.

Share the same fundamental life values

Learn to like and love the same healthy lifestyle

Be each others absolute priority