A naive theory of love and connection

On being stardust, cosmic toddlers and becoming the one

Little soul… Did you know? We are infants from the perspective of the Universe. From what we know — which isn’t much– we are merely 200000 years old, compared to the 13 billion years or so, the age we think the Universe is.

Our cultures vary widely. Our languages are imperfect. We barely understand each other. We do not know what makes us us. We are unable to define consciousness or reality. We confuse our inventions with nature and run our lives largely based on our flawed, imperfect designs. We are and act like cosmic toddlers.

Yet we all seek something.

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” — Carl Sagan

Little soul, every soul that surrounds you is awesome. We are not good or bad — or any conceivable label derived from that — but rather out of place. What we seek, what the Universe pushes us towards seeking, is our place in this vast, mysterious fabric of life.

We are a project in construction. So our beginnings might be chaotic. The Universe works diligently in guiding us towards our place, but we must also help ourselves. It’s hard — being out of place can be exciting and wondrous, but maybe not for toddlers. Toddlers get scared when they are out of place, all alone.

Imagine every person as a gear placed on a vast canvas. Each gear is essential for the fabric of life to work, each gear through its movements pushes and influences the gears that surround it, and each gear needs all the others to establish its best momentum.

We are gears surrounded by gears that might fit us… or not. This, little soul, is the reason that makes building good relationships — and lives — so difficult. We intuitively seek to connect with the gears around us and sometimes we can, sometimes we need to struggle to do so and sometimes we need to distance ourselves from the gears that don’t fit us — or let them distance themselves from us. As cosmic toddlers, this often hurts, and the easiest is to blame the gears nearest us.

Yet no gear is good or bad. We are all out of place in some degree. What if the right place, the ideal place, the one we struggle to move towards, allows ascension? We are far too young to grasp towards what. The Universe might know, but the Universe is also evolving.

And so in this context, little soul, imagine life as an adventure carrying you towards the gears that optimise your movement — and in return, you’ll make their movement gentler, happier, lighter as well. This includes your partner, your family, your close friends, your not-so-close friends, your role models, everyone.

What if our goal is to make everyone’s paths better? What if this is what the Universe gently pushes us towards.

So try to do your best to honour this responsibility — which is meaning, fulfilment, happiness — while accepting your condition of a cosmic toddler, your ignorance and your out-of-place-ness.

Choose to believe this ascension is a wonderful thing. Regardless of what you hope or believe, it doesn’t make any difference to the Universe — just to you. As cosmic human toddlers, we have a terribly long way to go.

I can’t help but get excited about our future.

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