Hi! My name is Laura and I am a professional dragon. This is however, not the dragon’s cave you are looking for. This website is a personal journal of someone in a constant search of herself. For professional gamedev stuff, visit Valiant, Brindie, Pendula Swing, Heart. Papers. Border., Zestrea and check out my tweets.

For the record, I am still keeping this for now:

“But Laura, what IS a professional dragon?”, you might ask.

A professional dragon is an entity that handles stuff in so many fields, that it is impossible to describe your job in a CV friendly way. The best method I could find to shed some light about my career is to list what I did, so here we go:

Currently, I am heading Valiant Game Studio AB together with the awesome Anna Jenelius, whom I joined as a co-founder in March 2018. We make narrative driven adventure games in a fairly new way, and our working title is a “Tolkien meets The Great Gatsby” inspired game called Pendula Swing. This is an episodic adventure where we recreate the American Roaring 20s and populate it with dwarves, goblins, elves, orcs, giants and humans. The title I use on my business card is “Marketing & Business Development Director” which means that I am the one responsible for all Valiant and Pendula Swing online presence, press contacts, business contacts, and all sorts of social and business stuff. However, as a co-founder, I do anything and everything to see Valiant succeed, and this means I am chairman of the board, I do a lot of marketing assets, I seek and coordinate our freelancers, handle production, do some design, especially UI/UX, curate our wiki, handle our trade show presence, secure clients and a bunch more stuff. Total world domination, in other words. We do offer some outsourcing at Valiant, and one of our clients is Sweden Game Arena, because I am still involved with organising Sweden Game Conference

At night, I work on my hobby game Heart. Papers. Border. and with Brie Code for #SelfCare

Before joining Valiant, I was production coach for all studios in the Sweden Game Arena incubator and also project manager/ PR & Communication manager for Sweden Game Arena. Those titles are pretty vague as well; basically my job meant making sure our studios have the know how to stay on track with their projects, coordinating our (very large) presence at events like GDC, GamesCom, Nordic Game and others, making sure that we are visible online, that the SGA website reflects what we do, that we welcome new members and that overall the SGA hub is a vibrant and helpful network. A big part of my job revolved around organising Sweden Game Conference

Before SGA, I had my production years, meaning I had a variety of titles such as game director, senior producer or lead producer for SimBin in Sweden, Milestone in Italy, Fun LABS/ Activision in Romania/ Minneapolis. Those jobs involved a lot of team and production management, and making sure that there is a plan, that people have an easy time finding, following and understanding the plan, that everyone had all they need to do their job at their best and that the people who invested money in the projects had a comfortable way to know the progress and how the budget was used

Previously to gamedev, I was project manager and UX designer in the custom software industry, managing the production wing of a Sillicon Valley company in Brasov, Romania

And throughout all these years (and that’s almost 2 decades now), I wrote a lot about the art and craft of making games. You can still read some of my stuff on Gamasutra and GamesIndustry.biz.