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I am art illiterate. I can’t draw anything and I am extremely clumsy when playing with FREE tools such as Inkscape or Gimp. I am not color blind, but I am very color confused – so I almost always wear black, think black, and favor black in whatever concepts I might work. That’s OK – we all have our limits – but when you dream about making games, especially experimental ones with no budget for anything, that is a huge problem.

However, many say that art is 1% talent and 99% hard work. So even for art illiterate people like me, there could be a chance to create at least some decent art placeholders. But HOW?

Here are a few amazing 2D art tutorials that I gathered over time, targeted to people like me:

Chris Hildenbrand

THAT is a site you want to remember. Chris is however quite a prolific teacher, so here is how I got to know about him: 2D Game Art For Programmers Part 1234 and 5. These tutorials are pretty much all you need to make decent 2D art for your game, but Chris followed up with additional lessons that will help you create amazing stuff. His site is simply a treasure! Now, there are many awesome artists out there, but few with the talent to share their knowledge than this guy.  Chris, in the unlikely event you ever get to read this, thank you so much for your work!


 Dennis Faas

That is another site you might want to bookmark! While Chris provides in depth 2D art tutorials for all kinds of things, Dennis concentrates on UI elements such as buttons and mana orbs, but the tutorials that he provides are easily extendable to all kinds of UI. Everything is presented graphically and step by step.


The only question that remains is: should I dare show off the results I could manage with these tutorials? 😀


  1. Wow, thank you for the nice words and for linking my humble tutorials here.
    It is a great honor for me to be listed next to Chris, as it was his tutorials that helped me with my first steps in Inkscape.

    • sarienn

      I am at a loss of words to tell you both how honoured you make me feel for replying to my blog post. You guys are awesome and your work helps a lot of people!

  2. Hey, I happened to stumble upon your blog via a Facebook post that caught my attention and I wanted to say thank you for pointing out these two amazing resources. I just looked through Chris Hildenbrand’s website and I was able to create something that has the wow factor. I will get the quality of my art up a great deal because of you. Great work, and thanks for sharing!

    • sarienn

      Really nice to know this was of help! Feel free to share your art if you want to – and I am sure Chris is also quite happy for the support he can provide!

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