My interesting gamedev life

“Dear Laura, why the hell do you have a blog? You are a lazy bastard, very good at preaching, but rarely following what you preach.” True stuff. Let’s not do this anymore, shall we? My life has been quite interesting lately, and I think it would be nice of me to …

The Photoshop & digital painting challenge

At the beginning of this year, I’ve read an article called 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person. And it got stuck in my mind. In particular, this bit: …let’s pledge to do fucking anything — add any skill, any improvement to your human tool set, and get …

2014 in review

Someone told me lists are fun, which made me think of GOTY-ing my 2014, but this was just the beginning. Here is my 2014 from several perspectives that are important to me.

Random game production tips

This article was originally posted on Gamasutra Here is a set of game dev tips presented in a random order, and learned “the hard way” – I hope they help!

Crunching Steam Curators

Today I calculated that I am famous. Not VERY famous, but somewhat, nonetheless. Indeed, as of lunch today, Swedish time, I am the 1214th Steam Curator in the world, with the impressive number of 8 (EIGHT!) followers. Before lunch, I had 7 followers and was listed somewhere on place 1260th …

The maker’s dilemma

This is a personal post where I try to understand my sadness related to Mojang’s purchase by Microsoft. 

The eulogy of a game developer

The PCs were turned off, we exchanged heart crushing hugs and then we closed the doors for the last time. This is how my first – and hopefully last- layoff happened. To me, it was a welcomed end as well as a wake up call to seek new, more appropriate adventures. To others, …

How to Make a Game with Zero Coding Skills

Disclaimer: I did not try or buy any of these solutions… yet. Nowadays, learning all the skills you need to make a game is not hard; there is a wide community of awesome game devs out there who are more than willing to help and are also great teachers. Here …

Gone Home

I’ve finally Gone Home. I arrived during a heavy storm and there was no one there. My sister, my parents, all gone, and a confusing, almost scary note waiting for me, glued to the front door.  Don’t tell mom and dad what you find out, don’t tell anyone! Signed – …

Jenna Marbles on how apps ruined her life

I published Women are too hard to animate on Gamasutra. But Rollo was inappropriate for that audience, so I replaced him with Jenna Marble. And then I realized. I never shared Jenna Marble’s Apps Are Ruining My Life!

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