B-days, or how the world changed

According to Facebook, I am 90 years old and my birthday is on January 2nd. I’m a Really Cool Old Lady, I think, cause see, I’m into gamedev, desperately passionate about that thankyouverymuch, I am working, I love my job, I go to the gym and I actually lift kinda heavy stuff (not nearly as much as I wish though), I travel, I hike, I use Twitter and Facebook and Reddit and lots of other stuffs, I read Gamasutra daily, I was evangelising¬†The Martian way before it was cool and in general, I try to learn stuff, be passionate, happy and hip, and those are all super cool things to do at an age when society has already discarded you a few times over. I really wish this will hold true when I will be 90 ūüôā

So the truth is, I am not really 90. I lied on Facebook, can you believe that? The problem is, because of that, not many people remember my birthday. And I most definitely forget about their birthdays, too – Sorry! Sometimes I forget even if Facebook lets me know! I’m an awful person. And sometimes, when it really IS my birthday, and some of my very best friends don’t conform to the shallow social rule of wishing me the very best, I get sad. I’m stupid, but I was raised in a world where birthdays matter, and I can¬†shake the sadness quickly, but it’s not an entirely trivial effort.

In truth, it’s really stupid that birthdays matter and I think at least in this case, technology helps us get over meaningless norms and habits. We just rely on Facebook to remind us these days, and if that fails… well ūüôā OMG so sorry, late wishes, etc! The day I was born, frankly, I don’t remember it at all and I have done absolutely nothing noteworthy, except to cause my mom a lot of pain. If anything, SHE should be celebrated for that day, cause she really suffered. If anything, parents should be celebrated for taking that road and having a baby,¬†knowing full well what a life change that is, for them, forever.

Furthermore, why are we wishing people super awesome good stuff for such an occasion? Like, of course its nice to get all those good wishes but if you are my friend, do you not wish that I am happy and healthy and I have a plentiful life every day? Dear friends, especially¬†you who noticed how I ignored to write Happy Birthday on your wall because this tool called Facebook (or Skype, or whatever) dutifully reminded me to, I am sorry but writing you all those good wishes for a celebration you did nothing to earn seems so shallow – and I don’t mean it! I mean, of course I wish¬†the very best for you,¬†but I mean it Every Day, and I especially wish to show my support¬†when you have done something you are particularly proud of, and want¬†to celebrate.

Dear friends, I am soooo eager to wish you Happy Released Games or Happy Successfully Arranged and Well Deserved Holiday, ¬†or especially Happy Anniversary for the day you established your studio and actually managed to pay good salaries, or Happy Job Anniversary when you got that job you really, really love. Let’s celebrate what we DO and not what we arbitrarily are, such as birth date, place of birth, skin colour, and other stuffs in which we really had no say and no impact by our own struggles. And let’s just use that¬†random day when we turned from stardust into a human being merely¬†as¬†an excuse to drink (Cheers!) and especially to hug our moms!




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