Boredom by the sea

Life is slow by the sea. The deep, mesmerizing blue body of water constantly dictates the rhythm. Breathe in, breathe out. Wave in, wave out. Close your eyes, let the sun kiss you until your skin burns. Then cool off by letting that gorgeous, impossibly blue water embrace you.

Don’t hurry. Don’t distract yourself. Don’t think. Just be. Let the sun and the sea claim you and turn you into a walking mermaid. You will become dark skinned and yellow haired, with unruly curls doing a poor job imitating the waves.

Don’t resist the sea’s claim over you. We like to lie ourselves about our individuality and independence, but we all belong to the sea. To the earth. To nature. We compulsively hurry in environments built by us, frantically, but we have no power in front of the sea. To surrender is the wise thing to do. The only thing to do, eventually.

Surrendering is the most fascinating feeling, but it looks like boredom at first. And then, often, like pain. As I swim deeper in my own internal mesmerizing ocean, I am forced to acknowledge the fact that I barely know how to swim.

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