Defining dreams – a Heart. Papers. Border. update

The bad news about Heart. Papers. Border. is that we will not be able to finish all we planned to do for the Casual Connect Indie Prize submission on December 5th (submit here). SO, Fingers Crossed!

Next year, Heart. Papers. Border. should be somewhere here <3
We are really struggling to see Heart. Papers. Border. at one of those tables, at Casual Connect Berlin!

The good news is that we submit anyhow, in whatever state we managed to accomplish by the end of this weekend. YOLO! And I want to truly, deeply, sincerely thank our amazing friend and 2D artist, Pontus Lundén*, and our absolutely fascinating music geniuses Retro Brothers* for giving us a chance with this <3

But I am desperately struggling to accept that in life, few things go as planned and #gamedev is definitely NOT one of them.

To be passionate about #gamedev is to learn how to see the beauty in chaos & to dance with it towards the best result, not to control it.

Do the best you can, but accept what you cannot change, and love it. After another sleepless, stressful night, I am having this epiphany…

I remember WHY I wanted to make Heart. Papers. Border. in the first place and why I’m so in awe at Sebi‘s efforts to be right there with me along the way. I committed to this because I deeply believe in the Heart. Papers. Border. idea and I want to see it done. And also because I wanted to be able to make games with Sebi. Sure, I WISH the game will be profitable so we can build a great studio PREFERABLY TOMORROW**, but I never expected or wanted an easy way. This is a lifelong*** dream.

Yet in the minutiae of #gamedev, which is REALLY HARD TO DO, I panic. Panic attacks sux because they make you blind. Gamedev makes u blind, too. That is why we need fresh eyes to give us honest feedback. I hereby announce yet another  Heart. Papers. Border. build next week. Please contact us if you want one <3

The conclusion of this rant is: ain’t no such thing as bad games, just abandoned dreams. But we will NOT abandon our dream. We are committed. Expect a GREAT game from us.

And for the record, I love Sebi more than anything that I could possibly imagine. It’s been almost 20 years now and this love just keeps on growing.

* Ohforf friends, please tell this amazingly brilliant geniuses to get some freaking websites! <3<3<3 

** I am a VIP = Very Impatient Person

*** Lifelong = Life Long = as long as your life lasts. Yeah, THAT long!


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