Full speed ahead towards the Dragons

I really tried to get myself to write important stuff here, but it just isn’t working. The first reason I can think of is because I am lazy, lazy, lazy… but I also suffer from what some may call a writer’s block. In my case, every time I start to write something, I scrutinize my post into nothingness. It’s never good enough, documented enough, interesting enough, valuable enough. The result is silence. I have about 6 drafts lying around, slowly losing their focus.

So today I decided to change directions. I do not want or need a web place to express anything professional; what I need is a playground where I Just Write. Let the dragons from my heart lose. Use my keyboard as if it were a piano, and let my thoughts fly, silly as they are, hopefully funny in their pretended wisdom. Because in the end, I write because there is a part of me that I have to set free.



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