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Heart. Papers. Border. is a lot on my mind and I obviously hope that it will be a success. There’s a lot on my mind and sometimes this leads to Twitter rantings on various #gamedev related subjects. Judging by the amount of interaction they generate, some of these series seem to be useful, but they are short lived thanks to Twitter’s rapid ecosystem. That is why I want to make a little experiment and rescue my latest Twitter marketing rant, about genuine marketing tips for gamedevs. Bonus: I can greedily expand on the subject, cause there ain’t no char limits on by bloated blog 😀

Genuine Marketing Tips for Gamedevs (and their fans!)


1. Practical marketing tip: no interaction<Like<Comment<(Like + Comment)<Share/ Retweet<all above. Social networks dig ACTIVITY.

Twitter de-cryptification: what makes social network activity valuable is the interaction it generates. Every <3, Like, Comment and Share on <insert network(s) of your choise here> has some sort of impact in the alorythms that calulate that content’s “value”. And some activities carry more value than others. For example, a Share (or Retweet or Pin) has more value than a simple Like, probably also because people are 8 times more likely to Like than to Share or Comment (which carries not only additional work but also additional personal involvement), So DO take the time to Share and Comment if you really want to suport a creator, and if you are a creator, do generate content that invites for a deeper kind of interaction.

twitter_logo_bird_transparent_png_sumersmall2. Practical marketing tip: The harder 2make, the more results it yields. That’s why writing a blog post has more traction> tweet.

Twitter de-cryptification: Nothing of value comes easy, and the great accomplishment of the Like feature is that it gave the lurkers one easy way to contribute. There is a famous rule of thumb stating that only 1% of a website user are active content creators, so the more you are able to offer, the better the respone. That is why taking the time to actually write an entire blog post often yields more results than just writing 140 character long statements.

twitter_logo_bird_transparent_png_sumersmall3. Practical marketing tip: There’s a surprising correlation between ppl with many followers &the amount of content they produce 😉

Twitter de-cryptification: If you take the time to look over popular profiles, you’ll notice that they have a lot of activity. For example, Rami wrote over 66 thousand tweets! So of course people follow him, he makes an active effort to provide value via Twitter. Don’t expect that people will follow you just for the sake of it, and if they do, wonder if they really would be your future clients. There is a lot of value in truthful numbers.


4. Practical marketing tip: Don’t Like what u don’t like. U’re making your friend a disfavor if u do. Interact genuinely.

Twitter de-cryptification: If you really want to support your creator friends, do not Like what you genuinely don’t like because you are hurting them. How? You give them false hopes and untruthful data. It is easy to assume that your game will be a success if you have 1000 friends who liked your game page. You get your hopes high and then you sell nothing – that never feels good. Setting the correct level of hope puts you on a better path because it lets you realise you need to improve. Being genuine takes time and courage. but it is worth it.

twitter_logo_bird_transparent_png_sumersmall5. Practical marketing tip: Give honest feedback. Its better to know the faults of your game from a friend & fix them in time.

Twitter de-cryptification: My mother used to tell me that your true friends are those who dare to tell you your faults, so you get a chance to improve. It’s a lot like that with games, too. Sure its easy to encourage or be encouraged, but “Nice” or “Good job” don’t help so much especially if they are not really sincere.


6. Practical marketing tip: There are many ways to critique without offending. U can even critique while encouraging the creator <3

Twitter de-cryptification: However, honest feeback does not mean brutal, hurtful feedback, There are so many ways to express a negative opinion, and using insults or absolute terms can easily be avoided. If you are on the receiving end, its best to just let them pass and make an effort to understand the core of the feedback. If you are the one about to give this kind of feedback, take a moment and consider rewriting it.


7. Philosophical marketing tip:quality>quantity. Don’t chase A LOT of fans! build a genuinely interested fanbase that u can satisfy

Twitter de-cryptification: It’s easy to trust numbers in order to build up hope. That is why its crucial to build your community genuinely, so you can truly rely on those numbers. Its way better to have 1000 followers for real, who have a genuine interest, than 100000 followers who don’t really care about what you do. Consequently, I like to think everyone uses social media conscientiously, out of a true desire to learn, to stay in touch with people they value and to keep up with the world. That is why choosing who to follow is important.


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