Heart. Papers. Border. is on Steam Greenlight

Today we pushed Heart. Papers. Border. on Steam Greenlight. Please vote for us here if you think this game is worth publishing on Steam <3 Otherwise, we greatly appreciate if you can tell us why you think other wise.

We pushed the game on Greenlight because Valve will soon replace this service with something called Steam Direct. I don’t know what to think about this change yet, but I do know that if I have to make a business decision to pay 90 bucks instead of 5000 to be able to publish on Steam, I will. I don’t think I am a cheapskate, but we cannot afford too much, and any penny I can save I’d rather invest in other things – like the amazing art of Pontus.

Right now we are sitting on a scary 60/40 rate of positive responses after almost 12 hours of Greenlight. Statistics say that’s good. I think we should pass Greenlight by the end of of February to be “safe” from Direct. I can barely push myself away from the screen, but Casual Connect took its tole, regardless of its awesomeness. So today, we go to bed before midnight. Or at least that’s the plan (sheesh, I can still check Greenlight from my iPad!)

I just wanted to say Thank you. I wouldn’t be here without so much love.

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