How to pitch a dream

My friends at Guru Games are working on some awesome stuff. I asked them to pitch it to me:

It’s a twin stick shooter where you are a….

Take 2:

It’s a fun game where you blow stuff up, jump around with a bazooka and create chaos

I thought about Ernest Adams’ Design Workshop where he made us all fulfil dreams. I tried to picture myself dreaming about a twin stick shooter or a fun game where you blow stuff up. Truth is, I don’t dream about sticks, not even if they are twins, and blowing stuff up is a tad too generic.

But I would dream about cows with heavy machine guns, set on KBOOMing the hell outta everything they encounter!!!!* **Also, this, UZI version:


It’s one of Sebi‘s old t-shirts, a gift from Geo when she first visited Switzerland. 

The morale of the story is simple: Pitch to hoomanz. Not to gamedevs. What dream are you making true for your players? What fantasy are you allowing them to play out?

*It’s normal to dream about cows with machine guns, right?

** I also dream about writing Short blog posts. 


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