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Hi friend!


If you follow me on Twitter in the hopes that I follow you back, please know that I probably won’t. I am sorry – I know how important it is for you to build a community and let people know about your game, product, service. But I think empty numbers hurt you; I think you need genuine followers who really are interested in your product and what you have to say. And if you play the follow you so you follow me back game, you are just building ways to lie to yourself about your reach and market. This will hurt you because you are setting yourself with false expectations.

If you follow me on Twitter, please know that I check you. I check your profile, your tweets and their frequency and most of all, their content. I think my Twitter feed is a goldmine of interesting conversations and debates and news, like that time when Eline reported SteamSpy‘s talk at Ludicios and I felt as if I was there – that was so valuable to me (thank you, Eline and Sergey!). So I try to curate my Twitter feed the best I can, and I do spend quite some time to find and follow interesting people who make interesting stuff and say interesting things that I can learn from. About games and game development, mostly. Gamedevs are awesome!

If you follow me on Twitter and tweet of nothing else but your game, I will probably unfollow you even if I like your game. I don’t need spam. I already pledged you my interest when I followed you in the first place. And Twitter is kinda personal to me, as I hope I explained above. Please don’t get me wrong! Sure, tell me about your game, but not only about your game as if nothing else exists in your world. I am so curious to know about your struggles, your creative breakthroughs, your amazing art, your road to make this awesome game for me! But I also want to know who inspires you, what and how do you learn, where did you find help, what else do you like – and so much more.

If you follow me on Twitter, please say hi… I’d like to know why you follow, I want to know if I bore you or not. Its not because I want to strategize and plan my world domination, but because your time is valuable. And I’d like not to waste it. Can you help me?

I know I am in a privileged position where my well-being does not depend on building audiences on social media. If you make games, or products, or services, you need followers much more than me.

But I think value brings reliability. And I think being genuine and helpful and trying to build a community that is genuine and helpful is better, from all points of view. We spend too much time talking AT each other than WITH each other on social media. Can you help me change that? Can you guide your followers towards that? Can we just… step lightly, timidly, towards an online world built on valuable friendship?


Thank you for reading this, friend!

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