The Indie Prize submission – a Heart. Papers. Border. update!

If you would have told me a year ago that I’ll be submitting our own game at Indie Prize, I wouldn’t have believed you. One year ago,we looked at all the awesome folks competing at Casual Connect in awe, not only at their skills to code and make pretty things and great sounds and put them together in an experience that brings people joy, but also at their confidence and courage to step into a market described as indiepocalyptic. Fun times!

Today, this is us.

And despite the terrible weather predictions, we believe we will make an impact, because the world needs the kind of stories we yearn to tell. If we inspire one person, if we kindle one hope. we are there. Please help us get there!

Heart. Papers. Border. News!

The Trailer

We have a trailer! Special thanks to Pontus for the great artwork and for the amazing Retro Brothers for the music!

We welcome your feedback so we can improve it!

The Indie Prize submission build

We did it! We submitted a playable prototype of Heart. Papers. border. to Indie Prize! And the build actually contains more features than we hoped! Also, it works!!! <3 

You can now visit objectives and it turns out to be quite a challenge because your visas expire, you run our of units pretty fast, you get deported and, to top all that, your Multipass* expires, too! Bottom line is, we actually have a game, and you can even FINISH it… in 2 ways, even!


Furthermore, besides all the shiny things like all the objectives and graphics and avatars and UI, we even have Movement. Planet Heart came to life!  We have boats and clouds and waves and spacicles (Yes, its a real world! We just invented it!) moving around! Oh – and hopefully now you can spot your own position on t he map better: we actually have a player highlight element containing your avatar of choice.


We have a SpacePad, too! But all the apps in it contain dummy info, and mark my words, don’t even try to count the typos. I am considering to invent a whole new language for Planet Heart 😀 (no no, not really). Should you find any interesting stories or similarities to present countries and situations, I’d love to know.

Of course, the only thing that REALLY matters is that I have a DRAGON:


Of course there is more, that we quite faithfully kept track on Pivotal. But better play than say! Stay tuned for the next build!

Please report bugs here 

* if you find the Multipass renew price excruciatingly high, that’s Sebi’s doing <3 If instead you think your wage is too low, please tell me why you think you deserve a raise 😛

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