Introducing Heart. Papers. Border.

Hi everyone! We have been away in a holiday and it feels like its been ages and just saying this makes me cringe. See, indie game developers don’t do holidays, but I did it, which means… And I want to be very clear, I did plan to work on Project: Freedom while away, but I didn’t. I just starred at my laptop a few times at the beach, I starred at it until I realised that sand is an all moving stuff that’s not exactly great for electronics. And that is when I decided not to bring my laptop at the beach anymore.

Look at me Not Working, now should I jump, or not?!

I am back home now though and kinda almost planed to yell (=write on this blog) oh but now, NOW I will do this and that. The truth is I am ashamed and insecure and afraid. I do not feel like a game developer, Sebi doesn’t feel like a game developer and I am pretty sure David wouldn’t feel like a game developer, if he ever took the time to think about that.

But we do carry on.

We carry on because I want to take my chance and push this world towards something I really wanna live in and there’s this guy who has been by my side for 18 years, who listened to my idea and said he believes its an awesome idea and dropped everything to learn how to code and help me. And then this other guy said, hey I wanna join, I wanna help. God knows what’s wrong with them to trust in me, but we are doing this and I still can’t believe my eyes every time I see whatever I sketched (cause I can’t call design what I do) come to life.

And if that’s not enough, Sebi and David’s attitude seems to be contagious and now it looks like we’ll have an artist, too. I’ll finally be able to share stuff that won’t generate visual nightmares. But since we are here, I shan’t deprive you of my amazing talents to draw and design. Here:

The art is shamelessly ripped off from the Internetz!!!! Don’t say you did not know! It is Just A  Placeholder

If you didn’t run yet, let me just….

I hereby officially announce Heart. Papers. Border.* – a jigsaw puzzle game about exploring nationality, borders and freedom.**

Heart. Papers. Border. is aimed at those who want to travel, but can’t. It’s a game for explorers where you need to understand your privileges (or lack thereof) and to make use of your resources in order to accomplish your dream to visit the entire fictional world of NoNameYet***. I hope that Heart. Papers. Border. will make you dream, and ponder big big questions, and I hope it will make you uncomfortable sometimes, but very very happy, and grateful, in most of the other times. Because we really do live in a better world, and we scarcely stop to think about this. I want Heart. Papers. Border. to let you think about your freedom and your privileges, and to draw courage and strength from that.

Now technically, Heart. Papers. Border. is a fairly simple game to do. For technical people. I mean for people who think of themselves as coders, or 2D artists, for people like David who does not get frustrated by the way Unity handles the rendering order. So, for the kind of people that Sebi and I are not… YET.

But a few months ago Sebi wouldn’t dream of coding pong. And I didn’t dream I’d be familiar-ish with Illustrator. Or Photoshop for that matter. Oh! Or Unity. Yep.


I know that the chances of earning an amount composed of more than one digit with this game are slim to none. But I also know that if you don’t try, you’ll never know. And most importantly, you’ll never learn. I am learning to make a game.

And so should you, if this makes you happy.


*  I announce the official title. So far we codenamed this game Project: Freedom. Now that’s a cool name but there is already a game out there who is called like that. I sincerely hope we will do better. But y’know how they say: Expect the worst. Hope for the best.

** This is a PIP. It’s like WIP but its a Pitch In Progress. I want to thank Marek and Manuel for their amazing patience, kindness and support to help me with this pitch! And yes, I know, I make the best. jokes. EVER.

*** We literally have no name for our world. I am saying this, because I just named an entire Spanish beach during holiday. I called it Cala Aydunno and no one laughed. It hurtsss ussss!!!

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