Open Game Design for Heart. Papers. Border.

Heart. Papers. Border. goes on. We spend each evening preparing a brand new build with new art, an impressive number of bug fixes and polishes, as well as a bunch of new features, for Casual Connect/ Indie Prize in Berlin. We REALLY want to get the tags system in!! The Blog and Followers/ influence system would sure be nice, too! Then there’s the presence there that needs a lot of consideration. The event is only 12 days away, but it seems we are barely scratching the surface of what we really wanted to accomplish.

Meanwhile, you get radio silence.

Pontus is a genius
The new SpacePad design from Pontus, who is, as always, a genius

Is Making Heart. Papers. Border. more important than writing about it? I’d call it marketing, but only in so far as I deem it so extremely valuable to make all the information about our game available for anyone who’d care. Why? Because I think anyone who cares about our project deserves all questions answered plus at least 50 hugs from us, and also because we’re blind. We are sooo deep in development that we’re completely blind. And that’s not good.

Yet given the constant conflict we experience, between investing the few very valuable evening hours for making whatever’s on the plate, keeping ourselves relatively healthy and Doing Marketing (TM), we found a creative solution:

Open Game Design for Heart. Papers. Border.

Yep. You can watch the entire design unfold, artworks and all, RIGHT HERE.

Our aim with this open game design wiki is criticism. We hope people would take a look and analyse our features. But its not only that.

I believe in open game design. I think┬áthat everyone can have extremely good ideas and that you don’t need any formal education to have an extremely helpful feedback about a design. I also know that the games industry is quite protective with its inner workings, which is something that hurts more than helps the art and craft of making games, overall. It is so extremely difficult to find a good design template, and there’s no live GDD out there now. Come watch us evolve! Come challenge our ideas! Perhaps we will offer some lessons, even if they’ll be What Not To Do in Game Design.

I hope to find the time to explain in detail the structure of our game design wiki, but the basic principle its build upon is collecting the details of an overall feature as opposed to separating the gamedev disciplines in their own chapters, as it is the common practice (ie gameply, art, music, ui chapters and so on). I also think its important to start with the principles behind Heart. Papers. Border., collected in the Game Pillars, as well as with a Pitch

How To Participate in Open Game Design for Heart. Papers. Border.

We are looking into enabling comments on our Confluence wiki (they are GREAT! and I aint just saying it because they were so forthcoming with me on Twitter <3) but meanwhile we hope you will comment on our Heart. Papers. Border. Facebook page, or just engage the #heartpapersborder hashtag or me on Twitter.

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