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I am re purposing this website. The focus is not gamedev anymore, even though making games is so much a part of me, that I think whatever I write will include it in some shape or form. However, if you are here for gamedev guides, stories about making games and nerdy tips about all kinds of gamedev stuffs from yours truly, you are in the wrong place. Here is where you should go: for gamedev templates, guides, tutorials, tips, and more. I’m publishing everything strictly gamedev related there. I sincerely hope Brindie will become a super useful resource for anyone into games! to see about the tiny company I’m building with Anna and the games we make and publish, such as Pendula Swing, Zestrea, and soon, Heart. Papers. Border. – which I am transitioning to Valiant to read about the world of Heart and slowly erasing borders. I’ve been quiet about that too, but we are working on it. for anything fantasy 1920s related 🙂 This point and click episodic adventure game is done, we released all the episodes, but Brialynne’s saga is not quite over yet

I am also closing down comments. If you want to talk to me, please do not hesitate! I gladly share whatever knowledge I might have with absolutely everyone with an interest about making games! But please kindly make it easier for me by contacting me on twitter (I’m quite active there and share a ton of tips and insights). I am also on fb messenger and Discord (and Slack and Skype and Google Hangouts and some other places, by no choice of my own, but let’s keep it simple :D). Thank you!

This site is now my very personal journal. I have no plans or intentions to write regularly, so don’t expect much. If you’re still hanging around here… well. Enjoy!