Escaping the 1% rule

The Internet is big and full of wonders, but according to this rule, the wonders are created by only 1% of us, while the rest are just lurking and consuming. In academic environments, this rule is also known as Participation Inequality and it is important in social sciences, impacting very interesting stuff such as electoral politics.

Sounds familiar? How many Wikipedia articles did you write so far, and how many have you read? To my shame, I never wrote one, yet I use Wikipedia daily – heck, we even made a game based on it! I have had feelings of shame for a long time about my lack of participation, because the wealth of information provided by the net shaped me into the person that I am and enabled me a far better life than my parents could even dream of. On top of that, many times I find myself learning about amazing stuff that I really want to share with my friends, especially when it resonates with my convictions. So in late 2012, after numerous failed attempts to create my own web place and shed away my feelings of guilt, I started a Tumblr account and slowly started to post things that matter to me.

Tumblr is a great service that helped me step out of my lurking cocoon. It’s fast, simple and pretty and it made me dig a little deeper into unifying my presence on the web.  But now the time has come to retire my Tumblr place and decorate my very own web home. I will progressively organize and transition the content I collected there, and won’t be posting any new stuff on Tumblr.

Farewell, good friend!
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