The art of balance

When loneliness, depression, happiness and companionship are one

How do you feel, little soul?

Does your light shine cheerfully today, dancing by the tunes of the gentle songs of spring? Or do you dwell among dark, soul wrenching clouds of fear and sorrow?

Are you in love with yourself today, or are you at war with the cold, forsaken corners of the Universe that is within you?

Or are you in between? Challenging yourself to tip the scale towards the light, despite the heavy boulders that you placed on the dark end?


Don’t chase the light

The light — those times when your entire body is laughing, when you feel loved and happy and acutely alive, when you feel there is nothing wrong in you, in your life, in the world — that light is wonderful, but mesmerising, deceiving, heavy in its own shimmering way.

We all obsessively seek that light. We glorify it, we worship it, and we hunt it relentlessly. But that light, despite all its magic, is not real. There can be no light without darkness.

Embrace the light. Enjoy its passing magic while it lasts. Experience it fully, let it flow though you and give you strength. If you feel it, know that you have earned it. It’s an imaginary gift your inner Universe grants you, a glimpse, perhaps, into the magnificent being that is you.


Don’t drown in darkness

The darkness — those times when you feel like drowning, when you have no hope, when all you feel is pain, sorrow and desperation — the darkness hurts immensely, but it holds value and lessons and answers to the most important questions you have.

We all obsessively run from the darkness, demonise it, fear it and condemn it with all our might. But in chasing away the darkness, we become greedy, selfish and vain. We become oblivious to truly knowing ourselves. We deny our own evolution, ascension towards the light.

Embrace the darkness. Let it teach you about yourself, let it whisper to you the great depths and mysteries of the Universe. If you feel it, know that you need it to grow. Let it make you humble, kind and generous. Let it transform you into a selfless, loving giver. It’s an imaginary gift your inner Universe grants you, a glimpse, perhaps, into the magnificence of what you can become.


Balance is where light and darkness meet. Balance is where loneliness, depression, happiness and companionship combine.

Balance is compassion — towards the Universe that surrounds you and towards the Universe that is yourself.

We all seek this balance one way or another, consciously or intuitively, shallow or profound. We like to call it a struggle — the struggle of life — but the act of balancing is just that: an act. An action. It is neither good, nor bad. It is a skill to master.

Master the art of balance, little soul!

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