The first build of Heart. Papers. Border.

This is a historical moment! I figured I’ll be much more nervous when we get here, but I am not. It is true, my friends, the time has come! You can now play the first build of Heart. Papers. Border. 

Heart. Papers. Border. Build 1 – Main Menu


How to get the first build of Heart. Papers. Border.

The only condition to get a build is to tell us why you want one. Of course, you want to play – DUH! – but there are So Many Awesome Games out there, so why do you want to play This One? Friends, we are asking this because it is very important for us to know what sparked your curiosity. So please help us! Of course, once you tried this buggy, boring, scarce-of-features version, we would very much appreciate your feedback! Last but not least, we appreciate if you would not distribute it.

So how do you get a build? Its simple, you ask us for one. There are several ways:

  • You Tweet me at @sarienn or Sebastian at @sebalaur and ask for a build. Feel free to say why in that tweet
  • You leave a message on our Heart. Papers. Border. Facebook page
  • You mail us at contact[AT]

We do need an e-mail where we can send you the build!

Heart. Papers. Border. Build 1 – Create a New Character

What is there in the first build of Heart. Papers. Border.

The short version: Not Much. But there is Some Functionality in this first build of Heart. Papers. Border., and here is the list:

  • You can create one character and only one. Creating a second character will delete your existing progress
  • You can Apply for visas. Just click on any country and apply, but beware, it costs and it takes time
  • You can travel. Watch your visas though (in the second page of the Multipass ;)) because if you overstay, you get deported and you even pay a fine!
  • Finally your Multipass expires. You can renew it but you cannot travel with an expired Multipass
  • Oh you can Manipulate Time in the upper middle side of the screen! You can speed time up, play on normal speed or even pause!
  • … and of course in t he upper bar you get a bunch of info: how much Units you have, what is your daily wage, what is the cost of living, where you are, your current location visa status and your Multipass validity

We know this  is a very feature poor build. We share it because we promised 😀 and because we are particularly interested if you like the feeling of this game. Notice the the colourful retro art style that Pontus and I worked on for many evenings and the absolute amazing music from Retro Brothers <3 Do they fit?

Heart. Papers. Border. Build 1 – Visa and Travel

What is next?

For the second Heart. Papers. Border. build we are aiming to get some functionality in the Spacepad and maybe hopefully to visit objectives. Specifically, in the Spacepad you should see information about every country and what is there to visit. As for the touristic objectives, they are the nice looking things on the map and you will be able to click on them and visit them. This will cost you time and units, but it will enrich you and reward you with a collectible for your Memorizer.

PLEASE use the hashtag #heartpapersborder if you share anything about this little game of ours! Any feedback is good feedback and we would like to know about it!



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