The Jam Fix

One of the cool things I do at my job is to organize game jams at Gothia Science Park, which is the place where one of the biggest Swedish game incubators exist and where we have a game dev university and some 20+ studios, too. It’s always super nice to have so many facilities and materials at hand, to organize whatever, and so we do have a lot of gamejams, parties, game presentations and other cool game related events. Even a huge conference.

RED Planet Redemption
RED Planet Redemption

Anyhow. Last weekend, we organized Sweden Game Jam – Winter Edition and besides fixing logistics, cables, switches and food, I also participated as an artist in one of the teams. We called ourselves The Dragons, OF COURSE.

The result of the game jam, whose theme we picked to be RED, is RED Planet Redemption, a hidden objects kind of puzzle where you need to pick all the red stuff. It’s a very quick game made awesome by Pablo’s brilliant sounds. He is a freelancer, work with him! You can just grab and play the game here, takes you 2 minutes TOPS:

Here are some pictures from the jam, thanks to Sebi, as always <3

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The truth is, Heart. Papers. Border. took a toll on me and Sebastian, who have been working like crazy to hit the Indie Prize submission deadline. This burned us both out a little, which resulted in a slumber, which stressed the crazy Russian dictator producer in me, which led to terrible fights, existential crises (again) and terrible heartaches. The Jam felt like a betrayal (one whole weekend NOT making HPB?!) but the participants reminded me that making games is supposed to be fun. And I am Too Stressed about Heart. Papers. Border. and everything it represents to me (pretty much my entire life’s worth as a person) to have fun. I need to relax, calm down, chill.

Which is why the next Heart. Papers. Border. update will likely only come sometimes in February. Sebastian and I have some holidays to celebrate, and we are flying home to Brasov for Christmas!


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