Jenna Marbles on how apps ruined her life

I published Women are too hard to animate on Gamasutra. But Rollo was inappropriate for that audience, so I replaced him with Jenna Marble. And then I realized. I never shared Jenna Marble’s Apps Are Ruining My Life!

Women are too hard to animate

During this year’s E3, Ubisoft stated that they will not add a playable female character in Assasin’s Creed Unity because “Women are too hard to animate”. This spawned a mass reaction on the internet (check out #womenaretoohardtoanimate on Twitter), as it hit straight into a long and powerful conversation about women …

Boots… Everywhere!!!

In the kitchen at work there is a white board where people usually write or draw nice, funny and sometimes downright awesome stuff (that’s what happens when you put a white board in front of amazingly creative people 🙂 ). For some time though, a message has appeared as follows:

Urging women to make games!

Last year, I posted an article on Gamasutra with the wish that I may encourage women into a new sort of battle, complementary to the awesome discussions about misogynism and gender inequality in the video games industry. The battle I talk of is about DOING, and of course, doing games. …

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